NFL releases fine specifications

Over the course of a 17 game schedule, the National Football League is riddled with fines, and on Monday, the league announced the specifics of various infractions.

The most steep violation involves fighting which, for first time offenders, is $28,940 and for second time offenders is $57,881.

Think about it, those fines are about as much as some people earn in an entire year and show just how ridiculous the incomes these players receive are.

The list covers many different fines, some easy to understand, some not, and highlights the long list of things that could go wrong during a 60 minute contest.

I understand its petty cash for many of these players, but c’mon man, who wants to give up that type of cash?  Certainly not me.

Check out a full list below, via Pro Football Talk.

(Violation; First Offense; Second Offense)

Physical Contact with Official; $28,940; $57,881

Verbal or other Non-Physical Offense Against Official; $23,152; $46,305

Striking/Kicking/Kneeing; $8,681; $17,363

Horse Collar Tackle; $17,363; $34,728

Face Mask; $8,681; $17,363

Leg Whip; $17,363; $34,728

Late Hit; $8,681; $17,363

Spearing; $23,152; $46,305

Hit on Defenseless Player; $23,152; $46,305

Blindside Block; $23,152; $46,305

Roughing the Passer; $17,363; $34,728

Low Block; $8,681; $17,363

Chop Block; $8,681; $17,363

Fighting; $28,940; $57,881

Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (active involvement); $5,787; $11,576

Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (no active involvement); $2,893; $8,681

Excessive Profanity, other Unsportsmanlike Conduct; $11,576; $23,152

Taunting; $8,681; $11,576

Football Into Stands; $5,787; $11,576

Foreign Substances on Body/Uniform; $8,681; $17,363

Chin Strap violations; $8,681; $11,576

Personal Messages; $5,787; $11,576

Other Uniform/Equipment Violations; $5,787; $11,576

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