“Zoolander 2” trailer released

15 years later, comedy classic “Zoolander” is finally releasing its sequel. Even better is that our dear friends over at BroBible were nice enough to release the first teaser trailer.

Just how the trailer reels you in is genius. Stephen Hawking makes you think you’re about to see the trailer for a scientific thriller, discussing the creation of the universe, evolution and the like, and then the brain waves enter.

With math problems like “3+4 = 34” and “E=MC Hammer,” and a random mermaid flying around, you then realize that Hawking’s voice is duping you into something ridiculous.

And then there’s Ben Stiller as infamous male supermodel Derek Zoolander, whose stupidity is ungraspable even by Hawking.

The movie itself doesn’t come out until February, but this trailer surely suggests that the laughs will be nonstop.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY