Penn State student commits arson to annoy girlfriend?

We all do stupid things when we’re young, be it get busted for underage drinking, going streaking or even egg a teacher’s house. One thing that very few young kids do for the sake of being ridiculous, however, is commit arson, and it just so happens that a Penn State student did just that.

According to a report from, 18-year-old Benjamin Bishop got into a fight with his girlfriend and wanted to get back at her by annoying her, so what did he do? Well, he set cigarette packs on fire and held them up to the dorm fire alarms, thus setting them off and forcing the buildings to be evacuated.

Though Bishop likely thought it a harmless prank, it got him into some hot water. He has since been charged with the following: arson endangering persons, arson endangering property, possession of possession of explosive or incendiary materials or devices, causing or risking catastrophe and, finally, disorderly conduct.

Currently, he is being held on $100,000 bail unless he can pay off 10 percent of that before his preliminary hearing on August 12.

Do you know any 18-year-olds with that kind of money? I sure don’t.

Look, I get it. Girlfriends can be annoying sometimes, and it seems like the best way to combat that is to annoy them back twice as much, be it not cleaning up at all or making some back-handed remarks about their appearance. But take it from a veteran of the dating game. Being the bigger person is always the best solution. Arson is NEVER the answer.

That is, unless she sets fire to your stuff first?

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY

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