Protein powder leads to police raid at frat house

Leave protein powder sitting out unattended and it might attract ants. It might also attract the campus cops.

Hard to believe that a gym junkies best friend could lead to a police raid. But that’s exactly what happened to a UCF fraternity last week.

The Theta Chi house of University of Central Florida was getting their house all done up in prep for rush week on Friday when cleaning crews found a “suspicious powder” was found in the house. Campus police pounced, the fire squad evacuated 35 people and field tests¬†were run on the foreign white substance.

(Sounds a little like the plot for a CSI:Miami¬†episode, doesn’t it?)

Not so fast, Horacio. The mystery substance was protein powder. You know, like “lemme shake this up with some water and chug it after this WOD” kind of powder.

Now, the brothers at Theta Chi could’ve been jerks about the whole thing. They could’ve called out the cleaning crew and campus law enforcement for being over zealous and starting unnecessary commotion. They could’ve joined in the jokery that took over Twitter.

Instead, they released a very professional-like statement, which can be found on their Facebook page:

“Earlier this afternoon a UCF representative conducted a walkthrough of the Theta Chi house. She found a cup of BCAA workout protein powder, incorrectly assumed it was an illegal substance and informed the authorities. It has since been deemed a false alarm and the chemical tests have confirmed it. We have and will comply with all UCF and law enforcement officials in this matter. The gentlemen of Theta Chi do not promote the use of any illegal substances and are committed to a zero-tolerance policy on the matter.”

Well done, bros. We’ll take a shot of whey to that.

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