Listen: John Calipari called out coach with cocky rant?

Word to the wise, college basketball fans. If you’re going to spread a rumor about Kentucky Wildcats head men’s basketball coach John Calipari, pray that it doesn’t get back to him.

As CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish said on his radio show recently, Calipari once confronted a rival coach who had once accused the Hall of Famer of cheating to land a recruit.

Once Calipari found out and realized that he and the same coach were in Vegas, he went on a rant and, according to Parrish, said the following:

‘I know you did, I know you said what you said. I’ve heard it from enough people, but I want you to understand one thing. Yes I am the type of guy who can come in at the last minute and take any player I want from you. You can spend your whole life recruiting a kid and at the end of the day, if I want him, I’ll get him. If we want him, we’ll get him. Don’t ever get that confused. Be appreciative every time I don’t come in and get your guy. Don’t accuse me of cheating when I do.

‘I didn’t say–‘

‘Yes you did say that. And it’s fine, but just understand, nothing stupid went on. It’s just that I’m me, and we’re Kentucky and we can come in and get that kid whenever we want.”

Just who the coach on the receiving end of that rant was remains a mystery, but it certainly confirms what many of us already knew about Calipari’s recruiting style at Kentucky. He will stop at nothing to get the best overall recruits on his team, even if it means vulturing them from another team to which they have already committed, and he doesn’t take kindly to people questioning his tactics because, apparently, the fact that the program is Kentucky is enough to make it immaculate and clean of any shady activity.

Either way, it’s a great story and the full audio can be found here. Give it a listen and enjoy!

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