Video: Southern Miss K boots FG with GoPro attached to ball

Although owning a Lamborghini, a private jet or a pet tiger would be marvelous, most regular individuals like myself strive for the next coolest accessory out there: oh yes, the GoPro, an action camera that develops high-definition videos, often used in extreme-action videography.

For those who own this artifact, typically 99 percent of people tend to cherish it for its abilities to capture life’s moments like no other camera, and the fact that they normally aren’t the cheapest (for regular individuals that is).

However, for the small portion of one percenters in the world, they for certain like to use GoPros for more obscure actions.

Some of those people include football players from Southern Missm who attempted to kick a field goal while a GoPro was strapped onto a football.

The end result showed a sweet one hand catch of the camera while the ball sailed away.

See for yourself.

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