Anderson Silva’s hearing hilariously interrupted by ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’

On Thursday afternoon, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva faced the Nevada State Athletic Commission to learn his punishment for failing a pre- and post-fight drug test earlier this year.

Silva’s defense was that he used the steroids to increase his sexual performance, so that led to a flurry of jokes making their way around the internet.

The internet isn’t the only place where Silva was being mocked, however.

On the call for media and witnesses that was on speaker during Silva’s NAC hearing, one jokester decided to play DJ and accompanied the hearing with some hilarious song choices.

With the sexual performance defense, the choices of “Let’s Talk About Sex” and “It Wasn’t Me” had everyone — including the commission members — chuckling.

Just enjoy the entertaining moments below.

While the songs led to some laughter, the hearing was no laughing matter for Silva. He has been suspended for one-year retroactively to his last fight and earned a $380,000 fine.

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