Booze Yoga is the next best idea ever

As previously reported on Campus Sports, I am a huge fan of the post-yoga beer. But having that beer during your session? Now, that’s something begging to be tried, whether you’re an avid yogi or a beginner.

That’s the goal for  Tas Upright, founder and instructor of Booze Yoga. No stuffy studio experience. Just downward facing dog, in the middle of a bar, with a 12-ounce beer.

This might be the best thing ever–something that needs to catch on. Everywhere.

Upright told Las Vegas Weekly:

“I wanted to create a comfortable environment. People can have a couple of drinks to take the edge off, and if they like it they can continue practicing in a studio… I make jokes; I talk about sex; I cuss a lot. I allow smoking during class (if the bar allows it). It’s about finding a balance.”

Psshh if this doesn’t help you find balance, we don’t know what will.

Booze Yoga is currently a Vegas based operation. But we are hoping that Upright’s empire expands to cosmopolitan areas all over the country.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Las Vegas Weekly

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