‘Fresh Prince’ reboot? We’ll pass

There are many wonderful things about the ’90s revival, like the resurrection of grunge rock and LA rap, and finding Doc Martens and flannel shirts in most storefronts.

But there are certain things that need to stay in this writer’s favorite decade. Like overly-large cellphones, and choker necklaces. But most of all, the need to revamp culty ’90s shows and movies has got to stop.

Enter stage right: Will Smith and reports that he is rebooting Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

TVLine reports that Overbook Productions, Smith’s production company, “has just started working” on a reboot and is “finalizing a pitch” to be shopped around soon.

We would call this the worst idea in the history of bad TV ideas if it was more original. Giving ’90s shows a modern facelift is pretty pop right now, as seen with reboots of Boy Meets World and Twin Peaks just to name a few.

Don’t get us wrong, we adore us some Fresh Prince. It’s one of our favorite late night reruns.

But a revamp is completely unnecessary. Not to mention a good way to wreck the all-around image of the classic show.

Please, Will, we beg you. Alfonso Ribeiro’s recent resurrections of the Carlton is all the Fresh Prince revamp that we need.

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