Kentucky’s Jamal Murray throws down ridiculous dunk

The Kentucky Wildcats are a yearly contender to win a National Championship in college basketball, and that will be the case once again in 2015-16. Jamal Murray is one of the key pieces coming in with the recruiting class, and there is absolutely no question that he has superstar potential. Many are expecting him to dominate the college game from the first moment that he sets foot on the floor, and he showed why in an Instagram video of him.

Murray was tagged in a video by a friend, and it showed him throwing down a ridiculous behind-the-back dunk. Take a look at the video and enjoy watching sheer athleticism.

Just looking at that video gives you an idea of how much potential Murray has, and what type of impact he is going to make on the Kentucky basketball program. There is a good chance that he will be a one-and-done prospect, and will take off for the NBA following the upcoming season. Even if that does happen, one year will be plenty of time for him to help the Wildcats make a serious run at a championship.

Expect to see this kind of acrobatic athleticism when the season gets underway. He isn’t going to be throwing down behind-the-back dunks, but he will be posterizing opposing players.

All of that being said, the excitement will be back at a new level at Rupp Arena this season. Last years team was great, but they didn’t have a high flying entertainer like Murray will be. He is going to be a different brand of star for the Wildcats, and will make John Calipari’s job much easier with his natural abilities.

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