Video: Carsten Kammlott nails amazing scorpion kick goal

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. It draws in crowds upwards of 60,000 people on a nightly basis. The 2015-16 soccer season is just barely underway and a German soccer game Thursday night might have just provided us with the goal of the century even in its early stages.

Deadspin shared a video of last night’s Soccer Dynamo league match-up between Dresden and Erfurt. With the former in the lead 1-0, Erfurt looked to tie the game up midway through the second half.

Carsten Kammlott took a pass from a teammate just inside the box and nailed what I am calling the most incredible goal I have ever seen. It is truly one of those goals that you must see to believe.

Wow. I didn’t know who Carsten Kammlott was before seeing this video and I will probably never hear about him again, unless he does this of course. However, I don’t know how he made this goal and frankly, I don’t even know if he even meant to kick it like that.

Either way, it gave soccer fans, whether die-hard or casual, something to absolutely go nuts over. How did this not make the Sportscenter Top 10?

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