There was almost a fist fight on the set of ‘Fantastic Four’

Typically when you hear about a fight on a movie set, it involved stunt doubles or stage fighting, or something like that. Real, legit fights between actors and/or the production staff.

But that’s apparently what happened on the set of the most recent “Fantastic Four” installement.

Entertainment saavy outlets revealed this week that the vibe on the set of the box office flop got so bad that director Josh Trank almost got into a fist fight with actor Miles Teller. 

Okay fine, not everyone gets along with everyone and Hollywood is no exception. And Trank’s Twitter dismissal of the movie was probably a sign that the experience on set wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But we were still surprised to hear that the clash between Trank and Teller reached a point where their “disagreement brought them chest-to-chest, daring one another to throw the first punch.”

Who is more to blame for the altercation almost coming to blows is anyone’s guess. Trank was reportedly “cold” and difficult to work for, and regularly treated actress Kate Mara badly, Entertainment Weekly revealed. Teller, on the other hand, carries the reputation for being–how should we put this?–pretty rough around the edges. Frankly, both gentlemen seem capable of having a mean right hook.

Hold onto your hats, kids. We get the feeling we haven’t heard the end of crazy stories coming off that movie set.

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