President Obama shares his Spotify summer jams

President Obama has never kept it a secret that he’s a music guy.

Come on. He busted into Al Green on stage for gosh’s sake.

So it’s not surprising that el presidente┬áhas compiled a couple legit playlists in his time. He wants to share his musical prowess too, as he shared his Spotify summer jams playlists via Twitter on Friday.

Due to popular request, here are my vacation playlists: What's your favorite summer song?

— President Obama (@POTUS44) August 14, 2015

Whether you agree with his foreign policy or not, you can’t deny that he knows good tunes. So much so that he broke his music picks into two playlists with their own vibe– a bright and upbeat “Day” mix and a moody, sultry “Night” mix.

The President’s playlists even span over the decades, ranging from The Temptations and The Isley Brothers to Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.

But don’t let us spoil it for you. Check them out for yourself on or subscribe to them on Spotify.