Justin Tucker mocks Matthew McConaughey in a Carbiz ad

A year ago, Dallas Buyers Club star, Matthew McConaughey, has become the spokesman for domestic car producer, Lincoln. Since then, McConaughey took advantage of his 30-second slot by enveloping a sentimental soliloquy and minor piano notes aimed at nostalgia, while enjoying the simplistic luxury of a Lincoln SUV.


While it’s highly improbable you’ll have flashbacks from downing Lemonheads from The Good Humor ice cream truck to your first time in introspect as you daydream of future times in your high school A.P. chemistry class in a Lincoln, McConaughey’s inner-turned-public monologue hasn’t failed to produce a number of spoofs, including one from a kicker of the Baltimore Ravens, Justin Tucker, who endorsed Carbiz, a Baltimore-area car-renting service:

Before Justin Tucker, Jim Carrey hopped on the first chance to poke fun at McConaughey’s moment of reminiscing within a Lincoln. But Jim Carrey, who’s past includes stalking his celebrity crush, Emma Stone, veered into his own remake of the Lincoln MKZ commercial as it premiered on Saturday Night Live:

The Last 5 Years – Matthew McConaughey’s Repertoire (via IMDB)

2014 – Interstellar as Cooper
2013 – The Wolf of Wall Street as Mark Hanna
2013 – Dallas Buyers Club as Ron Woodroof
2012 – Magic Mike as Dallas
2012 – Mud as Mud
2011 – The Lincoln Lawyer as Mick Haller

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