Potato Parcel is a legit site–and it’s expanding

A couple days ago news outlets went bananas over 24-year-old Alex Craig–the guy making a cool $10,000 a month sending potatos with personalized messages on them in the mail.

I blew the news off, mostly because the fact that something so stupid is making some guy a buttload of cash while I grind at legit jobs to pay my bills is pretty irritating.

Also, I don’t typically trust any guy sporting overalls without a shirt.

But curiosity finally got the better of me, and I decided to check out what Potato Parcel is all about.

For starters: This Craig guy is charging people up to 10 bucks for a potato with some scribble on it to be mailed anonymously. And people are actually paying that–you know, as opposed to buying their own potato at the grocery store for $1.

Also: The startup is gaining ground and has gone international. So apparently, this potato business is looking to be more than a trend.


Does this mean that more mailed produce is on the horizon?


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