Controversy surrounds Undertaker-Lesnar bout

The long-anticipated rematch between The Beast Incarnate and the Dead Man was not without controversy, as fans were left wondering what really happened at the end.

Let’s start from the beginning. Brock Lesnar entered with Paul Heyman and mean-mugged a bit, and then the ominous gong sounded as The Undertaker made his entrance. Before the bell could even be rung, let alone before ‘Taker could take off his hat and jacket, Lesnar went after the man whose streak he broke at Wrestlemania 30 as referee Charles Robinson worked to separate the two.

The rest was an epic fight that fans had been dreaming of for weeks. Undertaker chokeslammed Lesnar, Lesnar got the Dead Man on his shoulders for an F5 through an announce table, there was a Last Ride and a Tombstone Piledriver the list goes on.

And then the confusion happened.

Undertaker locked Lesnar in the Hell’s Gate submission hold, only to be caught in Lesnar’s signature kimura lock. ‘Taker rolled Lesnar up onto his shoulders as Robinson counted “One,” but then the bell rang. Heyman and Lesnar celebrated as they thought they had picked up the tapout victory, but Robinson shouted towards the timekeeper that he didn’t call for the bell.

In the confusion, Lesnar was locked in Hell’s Gate again, and casually gave his opponent the finger before he passed out. At that point, Robinson called for the ball and Undertaker was declared the winner. Heyman shouted for an explanation before heading over to the timekeeper’s area and hitting the bell multiple times himself before declaring LESNAR the winner by tapout.

Oddly enough, looking at the replay, right as Robinson counts one, Undertaker can be seen tapping his hand as he is locked in the kimura.

And then all wrestling fans cried foul, as the fight basically ended up prolonging the feud unnecessarily. Undertaker is 50 years old and to see him wrestle at anything again until Wrestlemania 32 seems a bit strange, not to mention out of place. There was no surprise return from ‘Taker’s brother Kane, nor an appearance from the iconic Sting. For there to be such buildup for this match and have the lone surprise of the night be “host” Jon Stewart turning heel and helping former rival Seth Rollins, fans should rightfully be disgruntled.

Then again, perhaps it will all be explained on Raw tomorrow night.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to WWE

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