Richt seeking ‘peace’ on UGA QB competition

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt still hasn’t named a starting quarterback for the 2015 season, and wants “some peace” about it. Richt went into greater detail in speaking to reporters, including Chip Towers of Dawg Nation.

“I’d like to know and have peace,” he said. “I’m waiting for some peace. When I have to make big decisions and I have little time to make it, my goal is I like to pray about it, I like to think about it and then I like to have some peace that, hey, this is the right thing to do. I don’t have that peace right now.

“I’m a pretty patient guy, but the clock’s ticking.”

Once again, Richt intimated that more than one quarterback will likely play in the opener and that the pecking order will have to be determined in game play.

“I’ve got a feeling it’s going to play out on the field in games,” he said. “It might be the first guy that goes in plays his tail off and we have peace then. If that doesn’t happen, then maybe we’ll let another guy have a chance.”

Georgia currently has three players competing for the starting quarterback’s job: sophomore Brice Ramsey, junior Faton Bauta and Virginia transfer Greyson Lambert. Ramsey served as Hutson Mason’s backup last season and knows Richt’s offense well, but Bauta is a year older and is a former three-star recruit. In the case of Lambert, he started at Virginia last season and put up mediocre numbers on a less-than-average Cavaliers team, so Richt could be curious to see if he can perform better on a top-level team.

Long story short, with the September 5 season opener against Louisiana-Monroe looming, Richt isn’t any closer to naming a starter under center and would love to have a clearer answer as to who it should be. At this point, all he can do is keep running practices the way he has been and hope that one man starts to set himself apart from the rest.

Of course, Campus Sports will update this story as any new information becomes public.


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