Baylor utilizing new technology for athletic performance

The Baylor Bears have gone all the way to Europe and Slovenia to find a company that provides muscle diagnostic tools recently being used to help deter injury and catalog muscle development.

Andrew Althoff, Director of Applied Performance, says, “Coach Briles is always pushing them to go out and about and finding the latest piece of technology that nobody else is using.”

The muscle diagnostic tool is used to measure contractile rates of muscle groups before practice to make sure soft tissue is in great shape going out to practice, to keep the athletes healthier. Jure Jemec, CEO of TMG, feels that the arising of new technology will only bring progress, saying, “Something that can not be measured, can not be managed.”

Daily monitoring of the athletes is hoped to take the 25 percent re-injury rate and lower it down to below 10 percent.

Being able to measure the muscle allows for the muscle to tell them how the body is actually responding to what is happening in training and at practice. They will then take the information they receive and talk to the chiropractors about it.

This information will also be a big help to the athletes, because information itself does not lead to behavior change.

This technology will create educational curriculums for all of Baylor’s sports, to help them make sure they are taking better care of themselves. Baylor’s task is to use this technology to benefit their student athletes on a daily basis.