Video: D-III school tases coach ‘to boost team morale’

Many of you have probably never heard of Centre College. It is a small, private liberal arts college in Danville, Kentucky, about a 90 minute drive from Louisville, and is home to the Division III Centre Colonels football team.

In fact, the school’s football team won the Southern Athletic Association championship last season.

Thus, while other coaches take their players to a movie, have a group outing or bring in motivational speakers to up team morale, Centre went the unnecessary extra mile in having players actually tase defensive line coach Jeff Collett “to boost morale,” and the entire experience was captured on Twitter.

Now, granted, while unique, this is highly unnecessary. When I was in high school and going through intense indoor winter practices with the rest of my teammates on the baseball team while others were outside enjoying the snow or at home with hot chocolate, our coach surprised us one day with water balloons and said that if any of us could soak him with one, the team would get a week off from practice.

It was unconventional, but helped the team bond in a common goal.

This, on the other hand, is borderline assault. The Taser is no joke and is capable of killing its target, so why Center coach Andy Frye would OK this is beyond any stretch of rationale.

Granted, the video is kind of funny, but why not just have a team cookout or even a swim day? No matter how you look at it, it gets a bit extreme.

Oh, and for those who are wondering, yes, we nailed the coach with plenty of balloons!

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