Indy brewery creates a dog-friendly beer

You might as well retire the old “dog-eat-dog world” adage, because really, our  four-legged friends have it made. Dogs have the best of everything these days, with their own beds, their own parks, even their own services for puppy birthday parties.

And now man’s best friend becomes man’s favorite drinking buddy, thanks to an Indianapolis brewery that released a dog-friendly beer.

Flat 12 Bierwerks unveiled its new canine-friendly, non-alcoholic concoction last Friday. The Indy Star’s piece on the new beer explains how it is made:

“The dog beer is made using meat bones and trimmings donated from the brewery’s neighbor Smoking Goose. Brewers create a stock with bones, carrots, potatoes, and brewer’s yeast. The stock simmers for three hours before it is blended with wort, the liquid extracted from the mashing process when brewing actual beer. It all comes together in a keg.”

Best part of the beer–well, besides that it’s a drank for your dog— is that it supports a good cause. The beer debuted at Flat 12’s pet adoption and supply drive, and proceeds from the brew–slated at $1/bowl–go to Heaven After Hell Rescue Shelter.

Heck, we’ll drink to that.


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