Sam Ukwuachu’s dad: Art Briles didn’t know about son’s past

The saga surrounding how much Baylor University and head football coach Art Briles knew about former defensive end and Boise State transfer Sam Ukwuachu’s violent past has taken yet another twist, as the young man’s father has now gotten involved.

In a radio interview, as reported by Waco’s KWTX, Felix Ukwuachu has said that Briles had absolutely zero knowledge of his son’s past and that his statements on the matter are 100 percent true.

To give a refresher, Sam Ukwuachu was convicted of the rape of a former Baylor soccer player last week and sentenced to six months in jail, plus 10 years’ felony probation.

It was learned during his trial that during his time at Boise State, he had reportedly physically assaulted his then-girlfriend multiple times and punched through a glass window of the home they shared.

Despite that, Briles maintained that former Boise State coach Chris Petersen gave Ukwuachu a glowing recommendation, thus he transferred to Baylor.

But Petersen, now the coach at Washington, has stated that he told Briles everything regarding his player’s violent past and why he was dismissed from the team, while Boise State has said that Ukwuachu was dismissed because he was suffering from depression and they felt it best that he play elsewhere.

Hopefully, his father’s words can shed even more light on what exactly went down.

“Petersen said ‘Samuel is a dynamic player, a good boy’ (and) said he would be pleased if you take him into your school,” Felix Ukwuachu said.

Petersen “did not let Samuel go because of sexual abuse or any kind of abuse,” Ukwuachu said.

“Samuel was depressed, Samuel was homesick it was making him…think suicidal thoughts, so we decided that we told him you have to come home,” he said.

“Samuel was in good standing with University of Boise State, Boise state,” he said, and a transfer document that Baylor released confirmed that.

Thus, it seems that the saga continues, with Briles claiming one thing as Petersen claims another. Of course, with no end to the drama seemingly in sight, Campus Sports will update this story if any new information becomes available.

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