NFL installing tiny chip into uniform to transmit a player’s location

In keeping with the technology, user-friendly interfaces movement around the sports community, the NFL instituted the dynamics of how an RFID chip would enhance the data-gathering process.

This season, the tracking device will be installed into the shoulder pads, which relay information back into highly-mounted receivers in a stadium.

The main purpose of chip integration will provide real-time updates on a player’s movement, including acceleration and overall speed. However, the Catch-22 of gaining access to this information is exclusive to only owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

In an instrument supplemental to the logistics and inventory industries, the radio frequency identification system (RFID) will be installed into 18 stadiums this year, including Wembley in the NFL International Series.

Proposed for only game time use, the Lions, 49ers and Saints have all incorporated the technology into their practices in order to minimize soft tissue injuries.

The XBOX One will shortly premiere its own NFL application, which transmits feeds of live scores, the player’s route and the player’s own odometer:

The dimensions of the RFID chip developed by Zebra Technologies (no refs involved in the production) simulate the size of a quarter at its perimeter, while the height of the chip is bottle cap-like.

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