Fantasy football walk of shame raises the bar

I can’t think of one person in my circle of friends who doesn’t enjoy fantasy football. From the draft parties to the constant trash talking to the trade negotiations that sometimes get a little too intense, it’s a highly enjoyable experience from start to finish.

But then there are the last place punishments, which can range from having to dress up in a silly costume to having to buy the entire league dinner. One group of friends, however, took the former option to a whole new level and, to be perfectly honest, has me wondering if the victim is even talking to his league-mates anymore.

As Deadspin reported, one unlucky fantasy football loser had to walk around in public and do the walk of shame while wearing nothing but shower shoes, sunglasses and a box that covered his privates. Of course, the box said “Fantasy Football Loser” and had an upward pointing arrow.

Well played, random guys in a random league. Well played. I’ve heard of cruel and unusual punishment, but that’s the first commandment of fantasy football: thou shalt take last-place punishments like a man. This unlucky dude was no exception as, at least based on photos, he didn’t complain once about having to traipse through the streets in this unflattering outfit.

Hopefully, he’ll actually draft intelligently this season and avoid this next year!

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