New Game of Thrones video makes King Joffrey a hero

You may or may not have seen your newsfeed blow up this morning with reports of a video showing the realm’s most notorious psychopath in favorable light.

No no no, it wasn’t a pro-Donald Trump video. The subject at hand is, however, Joffrey Baratheon, whose lack of sanity is about on par with the presidential candidate.

Reports popped up Tuesday morning of a very well-edited YouTube video that portrays the tyrannical “Game of Thrones” boy-king as a good guy.

First thought: The editing done here is amazing. It captures just about every shot of Joffrey where he looks like an innocent well-to-do human being and not like a demonic psychopath that GoT fans know. There’s no sign of Ned Stark’s beheading, and the few shots you see of Tyrion Lannister make him look like Joffrey’s abusive and evil uncle. Even Cersei looks like  (Really, that’s how well this video is put together.)

Which led to our next thought: Who possesses the time and patience to create such a video? Even better, what would ever possess someone to want to show one of modern day televisions most recognizable villains?

Final thought: The video mock-teases that “more” is coming in November 2016. Unless Joffrey’s ghost reappears in Season 6, we don’t know how they’ll have any more footage to masterfully edit.

Whatever your opinion on the video, you can’t deny that it is serious clickbate. As of 3pm West Coast time, the BloodBlitz Comedy video had reached nearly 50,000 views.

Perhaps they should consider a video making Bran Stark look like a bad guy, since they seem to have a knack for this video editing stuff.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to HBO