CampusSports’ Top 5 Favorite Tailgating Sites

Sure college football got its official start on Thursday, but that doesn’t diminish the role that “Football Saturday” plays in the grand scheme of season long traditions.

And what pairs the best with Saturday football? The tailgate, of course. (Really, what else would I have said?!)

The tailgate is a huge part of our weekend diet, we you get fancy with the finger foods or opt for several bags of Tostitos and a few different dipping sauces. What you eat is possibly also a result of who you root for, being that most schools–and regions for that matter–have their own signature tailgate cuisine.

I combed the interwebs looking for a few stand-out sites that share the craziest tailgate cuisine, no matter where you reside. Here are a couple of my favorites. This site has just about everything, but the piece on the six craziest tailgate foods is a must-see. We’re talking fancy stuff, like bacon-wrapped oreos. Great look-up for that one friend who can’t show up to the tailgate with food that wows everyone. This site is masterful, so of course they have a slideshow for “100 Top Tailgating Dips and Appetizers.” Some of these dips are quite user-friendly, perfect for upping your Tostitos game.

SouthernLiving : Are you suprised that they have a whole section of the website dedicated to tailgate recipes? We aren’t either. Eats like the Roll Tide Breakfast burrito and sips like the Florida Flojito are just the tip of the iceberg. Their “50 Easy Tailgate Recipes” are very barbecue friendly. Which will give the grill master at your Saturday tailgate lots to do. Brats and drumsticks and kebabs galore.

The Drunken Tailgate: What’s a tailgate without booze? (Don’t answer that. Nobody should ever seriously ponder having a dry tailgate.) This site has a great breakdown of all your alcoholic tailgate needs including the best beers to have on hand and a couple fancy shmancy cocktails mixed in. Red cups are probably optional.


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