Video: Tennessee fan gets pwned by security

Week 1 of college football season featured some bone-crushing hits, but what if I were to tell you that the biggest one did not involve any players whatsoever?

That’s right, devoted readers. The biggest hit of the season’s first weekend was the one security got on one unlucky Tennessee fan. Of course, video of the footage surfaced on social media.

The epic hit occurred during the weather delay in Tennessee’s season opener against Bowling Green, so I suppose the fan just thought he was being creative when it came to passing the time. Maybe next time, he’ll just grab a hot dog, or some popcorn, or do any other activity that doesn’t involve him getting tackled and waking up with a sore neck and body.

It just goes to show you, fans. If you’re bored, don’t run out on the field!

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Twitter

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