You can now buy a skirt featuring the Tom Brady courtroom sketch

We all remember the terrible courtroom sketch of Tom Brady that surfaced over the summer right? It was pretty horrific and it instantly became a meme for trolls on the internet to use everywhere, which they did.

Now, you can own that piece of infamous history. Well, kinda.

According to, the sketch has been turned into various items that people can shudder when they see them. The most notable item is a skirt. Yes, a skirt you can wear around town or at Halloween parties to scare the hell out of some kids.

It’s just as terrible as you’d imagine.

If you’re Jane Rosenberg, the author of the sketch, you just want this whole thing to end already, but it won’t. You can also buy coffee mugs, pillows, and even blankets with the sketch on them.

Even when something bad is brought down on Brady, someone somewhere finds a way to turn it in his favor.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to The Boston Globe

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