Rainbow Warriors to wear retro uniforms vs. Ohio State

The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors program has been a hit-and-miss since its induction into Divison I football in 1971 as an Independent; a team that went 9-2 in 1981 under Dick Tomey to an 0-12 record in 1998 with Fred Vonappen calling the shots as head coach. Undeniably, Hawaii’s back-to-back seasons in the mid-2000s were the strongest the program’s been, but Norm Chow has contributed minimal positive changes, winning nine games since becoming head coach in 2012.

But luckily with Under Armour as its apparel sponsor, Hawaii’s in decent hands.

Today, the Rainbow Warriors unveiled their throwback uniform¬†for Saturday’s contest in Columbus against top-ranked Ohio State.

In a theme similar to that of Reading Rainbow, Under Armour decked out the pants, helmet and hand grip of the gloves with the ROY G BIV pattern we all learned back in preschool.

The merged ‘U’ and ‘A’ that are Under Armour’s trademark logo are scattered in a deeply-tuned shamrock green along with reflective green numbers and sleeves.

Check out the impressive look below.

Buckeyes overwhelming Bovada title favorite
Buckeyes overwhelming Bovada title favorite