Nike, UO remake “Animal House” toga party scenes

Decades after it hit the big screen, Animal House is still, arguably, the greatest college movie ever conceived.

It’s also still parodied on a regular basis, especially by sports teams. And there’s nobody more appropriate to remake scenes from the iconic film than the Oregon Ducks.

UO alumni returned to Eugene–where Animal House was filmed–to remake scenes in an ad for Nike. Athletes and TV stars alike are on hand to take part in the world’s best-known toga party, and it is damn fun to watch.

There are of course cameos from football figureheads: Joey Harrington, Dan Fouts, Dennis Dixon, LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner and Ahmad Rashad all dawn bed sheets while Marcus Mariota goes full-on Belushi and smashes the Oregon Duck’s guitar into the wall.

ESPN anchor Neil Everett, Olympian Ashton Eaton and actor Ty Burrell from Modern Family are also in the star-packed parody to show off their dance skills.

But the absolute best part of this video, without question, is that the original Otis Day & The Knights return to perform “Shout.”

This is definitely a party that we want to be part of.

ESPN tweets shot of “Netflix and Chill” sign
ESPN tweets shot of “Netflix and Chill” sign