Top 10 Plays of College Football – Week 2

Has it sunk in yet? College football is back, everyone, and I couldn’t be more giddy. From trick plays to hail-marys, Week 2 of college football has supplied us with tons of exciting plays, but here are the best of the best.

There was a lot of offense, some defense and, of course, the reoccurring  late-game heroics from BYU, but I won’t spoil it all. Without further ado, here are the top ten plays of week two of the college football season.

10. Tipped pass leads to Temple interception

With Cincinnati down 12-24 late in the 3rd quarter, a touchdown was needed to get the Bearcats right back in the mix. Cincinnati drove to the red zone but Temple’s “bend, but not break” defense forced another turnover, one of five they forced that game.

A tipped pass and athletic play from Temple’s Tyler Matakevich helped Temple get their second in-conference win in as many weeks.

It was Matakevich second and Temple’s fourth INT of the game.

9.  Marshall WR tips it to himself to make 33-yard TD catch

The Marshall Thundering Herd took on Ohio Saturday, in a big in-state rivalry game. The best play of the game came with 3:33 left in the first half when Ohio quarterback JB Sprague hooked up with wide receiver Sebastian Smith down the sideline for a 33-yard touchdown.

It was a bit out of reach to make a secure grab, so Smith was forced to make a one-handed tip-it-to-myself catch with a defender draped all over him.

It put Ohio up 14-7 at that point and ended up winning by a margin of 21-10 over the Thundering Herd.

8. Notre Dame scores on fake field goal

Ah, welcome back to college football, where fakes are almost as common as the real thing.

This time, it’s Notre Dame successfully fooling Virginia’s defense in this supremely well-run fake field goal attempt.  Notre Dame’s Deshone Kizer flips it to TE Durham Smythe who bulls his way into the endzone to put the Irish on the board first.

Notre Dame won this game, 34-27, advancing to 2-0 which keeps their post-season hopes alive. Although the Irish won, Virginia had some trickery of their own in that game, more on that later on the list.

7.  Oklahoma’s Shepard comes down with back shoulder fade to keep OU alive.

In possibly the best game of the weekend, Oklahoma took on Tennessee in Knoxville in a double-OT thriller. One of the most spectacular plays of the game came in the fourth quarter with Oklahoma on the doorstep of the end zone. Down 14 points, Oklahoma’s QB Baker Mayfield threw a back shoulder fade to WR Sterling Shepard who makes a great individual effort to come down with it.

If Mayfield throws it anywhere else, it’s incomplete or intercepted by the Tennessee defender. Oklahoma went on to win 31-24 in double OT after intercepting Tennesse’s Joshua Dobbs and bringing the game to a close.

6. Penn State’s Barkley hurdles oncoming defender 

Penn State Freshman running back Saquon Barkley took to the skies like a superhero this Saturday. With defenders coming from all directions, watch Barkley easily hurdle Buffalo’s Ryan Williamson to keep the run as well as Penn State’s drive alive.

Barkley is a very intuitive rusher who trusts his instincts and could be a premier NCAA rusher by his junior or senior season. Barkley finished the game with 115 yards rushing and a touchdown on only 12 carries.

5. Dalvin Cook is fast, very fast

If you give FSU’s Dalvin Cook even a little bit of daylight, you can say “goodnight,” because you’re not going to catch him. That’s exactly what happened to USF this saturday when Cook streamed down the field for a 76-yard run, shedding would-be tacklers on his way into the endzone.

It takes a team to have a big play, and Cook’s team was there for him, as we can see #15 WR Travis Rudolph come out of nowhere right near the end of his run to seal the edge with a nice block. Cook finished the game with 266 rush yards on 30 carries.

4.  Virginia gives ND a taste of their own medicine with their own trick play

From the ever-dangerous wildcat formation, Virginia QB Matt Johns hooks up with WR Keeon Johnson on this little bit of trickery from the Cavaliers. Running Back Albert Reid goes in motion prior to the snap, catches the pitch, then pitches it again on the reverse to the QB Johns who hurled it 50 yards downfield to a wide-open Johnson.


I love college football because plays like this are attempted, and SUCCEED, every week. What’s not to love?

3. Clemson’s RB Wayne Gallman crushes defender on his way to the end zone 

Sometimes when rushers get close to the goal line, they will hurdle, leap, or flip in the end zone to ensure they get those last few yards and put points on the board. Clemson’s Wayne Gallman did not get this memo.

On this designed HB delay sprint, Gallman waltzes right through Appalachian State defense until he is met by Appalachian State defender Alex Grey on the three-yard line.

Gallman is confronted with a choice of how he should deal with Grey:  Over or around. Gallman choses neither.

Gallman lowers his shoulder and keeps his stride, leveling Grey as he continues into the endzone.

Grey can only squirm from the ground as Gallman stares down at him from the end zone.

2. Washington State threads pass in tightest of windows against Rutgers

 A tremendous display of timing and composure was shown by Washington State QB Luke Falk and WR Gabe Marks on this pass play. There is only a fraction of a second of daylight to deliver the ball, and they execute it to perfection.

Falk looks off the over the top help for long enough to deliver the ball on the money and Marks holds on after withstanding a big hit from the Rutgers safety.

WSU’s QB Falk had a lot of opportunities like that all game, and will continue to see them, as the Cougars love to pass. Falk finished the game 44-of-67 for 478 yards and 4 touchdowns.

1. BYU does it again. Another week, another last-minute victory.

BYU Quarterback Tanner Mangum must have been a saint in a former life, because when he wants prayers answered, he gets them. After completing a hail-mary in the waning seconds to win last week, Mangum has done it again.

With less than a minute on the clock and BYU down three and facing a 4th-and-7, Mangum found wide receiver Mitchell Juergens in the end zone in spectacular fashion to seal the victory.

The live call of the game is perfect too, “The kid is hot tonight! The Cougars do it again in the last minute!”

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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