One of Saturn’s moons has global ocean, NASA says

While we are fully occupied here on Earth, it is easy to forget there are plenty of other moons and planets out there. Is there another form of life in the universe? Is there any one else out there who loves sports and beer as much as us Earthlings?

Well, while we don’t exactly have those answers, we do know that there is a body of water out there in our solar system. And it is huge.

According to the intelligent folks at NASA, there is a global ocean orbiting Saturn on the moon Enceladus.

Pretty sweet, right?

NASA’s report reads, “Previous analysis of Cassini data suggested the presence of a lens-shaped body of water, or sea, underlying the moon’s south polar region. However, gravity data collected during the spacecraft’s several close passes over the south polar region lent support to the possibility the sea might be global. The new results — derived using an independent line of evidence based on Cassini’s images — confirm this to be the case.”

Because of the wobble on its axis, NASA was able to determine there was a layer of liquid between the exterior of the moon and its core.

Rock on.

Let’s hope that there is a great species floating and/or swimming around in that body of water that will one day visit us to be our otherwordly friends. That’s a much better option than having them come take over the world.

[H/T: Bro Bible]

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