High school turf destroyed after weed killer mistaken for fertilizer

It is a little ironic that the Greg True Field is “Home of the Greenwave,” because the field is now anything but green. St. Edwards Catholic High School in Elgin, Illinois is mourning the loss of their once-green football field.

The company that maintains the turf accidently grabbed a bottle of weed killer thinking it was fertilizer. The athletic director, P.J. White, told the Chicago Tribune, “It was an honest mistake made in the mixing of chemicals for the field and they feel terrible about it.”

But, sometimes mistakes can turn into something even better.

An outpouring of community support and a GoFundMe account has raised over $11,000 in only one day. At this rate, I don’t believe the small school will have an issue meeting their $20,000 goal.

Other schools are offering the use of their fields so that the Greenwave can finish their football season on greener grass.

White added that the safety of the players was the number one concern. He followed up by pointing out that even though it’s not the prettiest field on the block, “the field is in no worse condition than many fields are later on in the season. It doesn’t look great but there is grass there. We’re certainly not going to win any grass beauty pageants or anything.”

But after a $20,000 revamp, they might just be up for that win.

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