Video: J.J. Watt, Kevin Durant team up in heartwarming commercial

It isn’t every day that superstars in the world of sports team up to create something awesome. That was the case with J.J. Watt and Kevin Durant when they teamed up to create an incredibly heartwarming commercial for American Family Insurance. They went out and rooted for their fans in a flipping of the script and it was awesome to see the reaction that the people gave them.

Check out the commercial for yourself if you haven’t already seen it today:

Durant talked about the making of the commercial and why he was more than happy to star in the commercial and give back to his fans by going out and rooting for them.

“Playing professional basketball was always my dream, and having people support me played a critical role in helping me achieve it,” said Kevin Durant. “I was happy to be able to return the favor to my fans.”

Watt also chimed in with his thoughts on the commercial and why he enjoyed doing the commercial.

“We finally get a chance to go out there and support other people’s dreams. And when the tables are turned, it’s pretty cool to be someone else’s fan.”

These two guys did an excellent job and it’s cool to hear from two superstars that have remained grounded through the fame that they have received. Both Watt and Durant are obviously being sincere about their desire to give back to the fans. Realizing that they are living their dreams hasn’t gone to their head, which is something that can’t be said for too many players.

This commercial is one of the best commercials that has come out recently starring big sports names and it is something that is very enjoyable to watch.

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