Daniel Tosh blasts Lane Kiffin over current rumors

Understatement of this Thursday afternoon: Lane Kiffin isn’t having a very good day at the office.

Which, of course, means that there is commentary from celebrity comedian and part-time Kiffin doppelganger, Daniel Tosh.

The “Tosh.O” host has used his uncanny resemblance to the Alabama coach to create some truly hilarious material. He really never misses an oppotunity to poke fun at Kiffin, who never fails to make headlines–typically for something negative.

So when the rumors blew up the interwebs on Thursday about Kiffin supposedly getting fired over having an affair with a “high profile Alabama lady,” Tosh had to respond.

for the record, i have never slept with a booster’s wife, a coach’s wife, or saban’s daughter. i only have eyes for lane kiffin’s wife.

— daniel tosh (@danieltosh) September 24, 2015

No pain no Lane,” right?!

Granted, we still have no idea what exactly is going on in Tuscaloosa. Heck, we aren’t even sure who planted the toxic seed that sent the rumors viral.

We are pretty sure, however, that Tosh is going to have a ridiculous amount of fun with this. Expect many re-ups of “Kiffin’s Krimson Korner” on Comedy Central.

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