Facebook adds support for 360-degree videos

If you have the Facebook app on your smart phone, then you know that every two weeks that app brings you updates for faster connections and more reliable use.

Usually an update seems more like a little bit of a refresh, than anything.

But watch out social media users. There’s something new on Facebook and that’s the 360-degree video.

Remember back when Facebook started, how text heavy the sight was?

According to Mashable, Facebook is beginning to add the immersive videos that were first announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference to News Feeds and you’ll be able to view them, not only from your computer, but also from your iPhones and Androids.

But don’t get too excited about uploading your own 360-degree videos just yet because the videos are filmed with a special camera that are capable of capturing 360-degrees of a scene. The concept is similar to 360-degree videos that you may have seen on YouTube, where you can change the view on the screen by dragging your mouse (or your finger) around the screen so that you can watch videos from different angles.

In order to launch the videos onto Facebook feeds, they are partnering with video publishers including Disney, Lucasfilm, GoPro, Vice and Saturday Night Live. Depending on the success of the videos over the next few days, offers will be made to other producers who are excited to dapple in this new medium.

Will you be able to upload your own 360-degree videos?

As of now, now, but don’t worry, because the hope is that soon enough it won’t just be limited to uploads by professional filmmakers and media companies, but also, you too! Although, the technology won’t be available on your phone overnight because chances are the phone you’re holding in your hand isn’t built with the right equipment to actually make one of these videos…yet.

But Facebook is working on developments, not only to equipment, but also to apps that will make the 360-degree video more accessible to users.

Like the standalone Facebook Messenger app that can be downloaded on smart phones, Facebook is also rumored to be working on a standalone app for 360-degree video creation. It seems pretty cleat that this is the next big medium that Facebook is trying to master.

In the future, imagine watching 360 videos of a friends vacation to small village in France or a festival in Brazil – you’ll be able to look around and experience it as if you were there,” said Maher Saba, Facebook’s engineering director for video, in a written statement.

At the Facebook’s @Scale engineering conference last week, Jay Parik, VP of global engineering infrastructure, said, “We’ve moved into a world where most of the world today is focused on photos. But we’re quickly moving into this world where I think, in the next couple of years, most of the experience on Facebook is going to be about video.”

So keep your eyes peeled for video developments on your own News Feed.

360-degree videos are coming soon!

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