Leonard Fournette banned from ‘park ball’ as a kid

LSU running back Leonard Fournette is very good. Everyone knows that. He had to have had some kind of athletic prowess when he was kid, but even I couldn’t have imagined that he was as good as he really was.

According to USA TODAY’s For the Win, Fournette was very good when was just twelve years old. He was so good that parents started a petition to get him banned from playing “park ball” because they were tired of him beating them all the time.

From George Schroeder’s story with USA TODAY:

At 12, his talent was too much. Parents from opposing teams signed a petition to have him banned.

“He was bigger than everyone,” says Corey Scott, Fournette’s uncle. “He basically just destroyed ‘park ball.’ He was running over all the kids.”

“Park ball” is what the New Orleans area calls their youth football league. Another great story was about Fournette being asked to play a few levels above the other kids his age.

When Fournette just in seventh grade, he was allowed to play on St. Augustine High School’s freshman team.

As a seventh-grader, Fournette played for St. Augustine High School’s freshman team. The next season, coaches put him into a drill opposite Tyrann Mathieu, who was then a senior who would go on to become a consensus All-American at LSU.

Fournette ran over the Honey Badger.

Wow. What a terrific story. Fournette, an eighth grader at the time, ran over Mathieu, who was senior in high school and headed to LSU. You think he was destined to be great?

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