Video: Poor guy gets cracked in the face by small rocket

“…Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent Got to kiss myself, I’m so pretty. I’m too hot (hot damn)…”

…and that’s when this guy gets hit with an air-pump rocket!

In only 10 seconds this Vine video tells the story of this man getting hit by a kid’s rocket. It appears to be during a school event (most likely kid’s science) the man thinks it’s a smart move to stand in the fire zone of the deployed rockets. With only enough time to say “Oh damn!”, he is taken down by the rocket slamming him the face.

Yet, the one thing  we are all thinking,

“What grade did this kid get?”

I hope better then a “F” because… damn!

Maybe this is why we need to better fund/teach science in America.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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