Florida monkey goes crazy, eats everyone’s mail

Everyone loves monkeys. They’re nature’s comedians by either throwing their poop at each other, or showing up on TV dressed in tuxedos and smoking cigars.

But then there are monkeys that take the monkeyshines way too far, especially this one in Sanford, Florida, near Orlando. As local NBC outlet WESH reported, a pet monkey named Zeke escaped his home and was seen eating mail out of someone’s mailbox early in the morning.

Even when the police responded to a call about Zeke, he still caused disruption. He jumped from car to car, lightly tore up an unmarked police cruiser and even shook a sign.

It just goes to show you, ladies and gentlemen. If you’re going to own a monkey as a pet, at least mare sure it’s the fun and chill kind before throwing down any money!

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Jon Gruden is ESPN’s highest paid on-air personality
Jon Gruden is ESPN’s highest paid on-air personality