Mark Zuckerberg wants to emulate Tony Stark, plans on building A.I. for his house

Mark Zuckerberg has enough money to buy anyone on the planet, but he prefers to use it to build someone instead. In a Facebook post he announced Sunday that he plans to develop a “simple AI to run my home and help me with my work. You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man.”

“I’m going to start by exploring what technology is already out there. Then I’ll start teaching it to understand my voice to control everything in our home — music, lights, temperature and so on,” Zuckerberg wrote. “I’ll teach it to let friends in by looking at their faces when they ring the doorbell. I’ll teach it to let me know if anything is going on in [newborn daughter] Max’s room that I need to check on when I’m not with her. On the work side, it’ll help me visualize data in VR to help me build better services and lead my organizations more effectively.”

Sounds pretty badass. Word is next year he plans on building an iron suit that flies and shoots rockets out of the hands. It’s a much more tech focused yearlong plan than years past, last year he put it to his followers, letting them choose his resolution for 2015. In the end he planned on reading a book per week.

Although it does follow his yearly resolution to advance his quest for self-improvement and challenging himself.

In his post Zuckerberg ended with, “I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn over the course of the year.”

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*Featured Photo (above) credit toFacebook

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