Alabama’s revolutionary sideline tent is amazing for the players

There are certain teams throughout sports that like to keep injury news in house. However, when an injury happens during a game, that can be more difficult, with tens of thousands of fans and millions watching at home watching a player get evaluated on the sidelines.

For the Alabama Crimson Tide, however, that is not a concern.

It is all thanks to Jeff Allen, who looks over the sports medicine training staff for Alabama’s athletic department and came up with a revolutionary idea to shield injured players from the public eye.

That is why you may have noticed a large tent on the sidelines of Alabama football games.

USA TODAY Sports did an incredible feature on the tent, detailing how the vision came to life and what it means for the players on the sideline. For the injured players, it provides a safe haven of sorts, some privacy and a way to receive proper medical attention without the added stress of thousands of onlookers.

“I like it personally, because when someone gets hurt, no matter if it’s serious or not, you can go in there and have them evaluate you without everyone looking or having a bunch of attention on you,” Alabama receiver Richard Mullaney said. “It can be behind the scenes.”

It can be used for more than injuries, too. Because, as we all know, sometimes duty calls.

“If you gotta use the restroom, you can go in there,” tight end O.J. Howard said. “Sometimes you might have to (urinate) in a bottle or something. I’ve heard of guys doing that before. I think it’s cool how it pops up and then pops back down, but most of all it keeps you from having to go all the way to locker room. You can go in there, change, put on (a different piece of equipment) if you have to. It’s very convenient.”

When the Crimson Tide take on the top-ranked Clemson Tigers in Glendale, Arizona on Jan. 11, it will be impossible to ignore the collapsable tent on the sideline.

And now that we know what goes on under the fabric, your imagination will be running wild as we anticipate what kind of secrecy is taking place during the biggest game of the year.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to WBRC

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