Rams release Los Angeles relocation proposal

The St. Louis Rams were one of three teams, along with the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers, on Monday night to announce that they have filed for relocation to Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, the organization decided to release the document that supports its request to move to Inglewood, CA.

In the document, which can be read in full here, the team brings up that the land where a new stadium would be built is “shovel ready”. It’s also stated that the new stadium would be a hub for the NFL that would include the NFL Scouting Combine as well as the Pro Bowl.

What stands out most, however, are the shots that the document takes at the city of St. Louis. Among the numerous shots taken, the document states that St. Louis isn’t a “three professional team market” — the MLB’s Cardinals and NHL’s Blues — nor is it as strong a market as the other two teams attempting to move.

The big shot, however, is that the document states that “no team” in the NFL would be remotely interested in the new stadium proposal by the city. A big reason given is that the public — you know, the fans who pay hard-earned money to see the team — would only be on the hook for $355 million for the new facility.

Talk about a shot to the gut to the fans in St. Louis. If I’m a Rams fan, there’s just no way not to be upset by the comments. That being said, at least you know you have a team that actually wins championships: the Cardinals.

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Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports

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