NFL Playoffs 2016, Divisional Round: Madden 16 Simulation

For a lack of a better term, Wild Card Weekend in the NFL was pretty wild.

All four home teams fell in games that, for the most part, were pretty fun to watch. From the Pittsburgh Steelers’ improbable win over Cincinnati to the missed field heard ’round the World in Minnesota, there was no shortage of great moments.

But that’s in the past, and it’s time to focus on the future. The NFL Divisional round features great matchups involving a number of former Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks as well as some big time stars. You have Big Ben vs. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady vs. Alex Smith in the AFC while the NFC features a rematch of last year’s divisional round matchup between Carolina and Seattle as well as a great matchup in the desert between Arizona and Green Bay.

Yes, this weekend sure is looking great when it comes to football. But why wait until Saturday to get the fun started?

Thanks to modern technology, we were able to use our super secret Madden 16 machine to simulate all four Divisional games. Let’s check the highlights.

Nerlens Noel missed the Sixers’ opening tipoff ’cause when ya gotta go, ya gotta go