Crowds up for returning bowls but down for sixth straight year

For the sixth straight year, attendance was down on average at bowl games. That startling reality speaks to something central: fans are over big money ruling college football.

It takes the addition of new bowls to strengthen the overall numbers (attendance up this year by 2%), but means the wealth is spreading thin, something gatekeepers and investors cringe over.

The College Football Playoff is proving to be an adequate system. It’s something fans have asked for, for years, and continue to clamor over, as bowl games have grown tiresome and essentially, meaningless.

What does it really mean to win the Chick Filet Bowl? And now, the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, unless the bowl has champion implications?

Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, has his concerns.

“I am concerned about how does a playoff and a bowl system coexist, and how could we make it better if that’s possible or get it right,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said. “I think it’s difficult on the fans, too, as well as I’m sure the players would agree. We go stay in Dallas for a week to play a (semifinal) game, we come home for five days, and we come out here (to Arizona) for three or four days to play a game. I mean, that’s hard on fans. It’s hard on players.”

Perhaps co-existence isn’t the direction college football should take anyway. Most fans would like to see a larger playoff, giving more teams a shot at a postseason run.

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Rob Gronkowski’s younger brother, Glen Gronkowski, accepts Senior Bowl invite
Rob Gronkowski’s younger brother, Glen Gronkowski, accepts Senior Bowl invite