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NFL Championship Weekend: NFL Blitz simulation


The best weekend in the NFL, championship weekend, is finally here.

There are four great teams — Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos — all vying for two positions in the biggest Super Bowl in history: Super Bowl 50. It’s the Carson Palmer against Cam Newton, and Peyton Manning against Tom Brady. There’s no doubt that the real games are going to be fantastic, but what about the virtual versions of the game?

For the past couple weeks, we’ve brought you simulations of the playoff games using Madden 16 on the PlayStation 4. However, for this week, we have a special treat. Thanks to the guys at, we are bringing you this week’s sims from a (mostly) updated version of NFL Blitz 20-03.

The rosters are from the start of the season, and the skin tones are off in some cases. But it’s still pretty cool to see a game from 13 years ago still being updated.

So check out highlights of the games below, and be sure to check back next week for our Super Bowl 50 sim done in Tecmo Super Bowl.

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