MTSU athletic director rips Colin Cowherd after rant

Colin Cowherd, like many talking heads in sports, earns his living saying things that many people would deem outlandish. And he definitely earned his paycheck when he went on a rant after a caller asked what Cowherd would think would happen to a football program like Middle Tennessee State’s if college athletes started getting paid.

Here’s how he responded: “Screw Middle Tennessee State. Screw ‘em. We don’t need ‘em. If you can’t afford it, get lost. Who says college football is about central divisional trucking schools? What do I care about Middle Tennessee State? If they fell off the earth tomorrow I don’t give a rip about Middle Tennessee State.

“If they dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow, in football — I’m not talking the students and academics — you’re telling me we don’t pay college athletes so Middle Tennessee State can survive? That’s your reasoning? Your reasoning for not paying athletes, what happens to the little guy? Who cares? They shouldn’t be playing football anyway.”

As you might expect, MTSU’s athletic director Chris Massaro took to Twitter to show Cowherd he could run his mouth (or fingers) too.

Well done Massaro, succinct and effective. If college athletes do end up getting paid, it can’t be a the expense of the majority of college programs.

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