Joe Thomas says it’s a ‘sad end’ for Johnny Manziel with Browns

In just a few short weeks, quarterback and former first-round pick Johnny Manziel will be released by the Cleveland Browns after a slew of off-field issues, not to mention general unprofessionalism towards the end of last season. Management knows what’s coming and so do Manziel’s teammate, namely Browns left tackle and nine-time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas.

Speaking to Mary Kay Cabot of The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Thomas described his friend’s upcoming release as a “sad end” to his time with the Browns.

“It’s a sad end to the story in Cleveland for Johnny,” Thomas said at a recent appearance. “He’s a guy that personally I like. I believe he has a lot of talent. He’s got the talent to be an NFL quarterback, but it obviously hasn’t worked out so far.”

For Manziel, the straw that broke the camel’s back was a recent incident in Texas. He and ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley got into a fight that only escalated. Reports state that Manziel grabbed Crowley by the hair and threw her into her car and then threatened both of their lives while driving to her apartment.

Manziel also allegedly hit Crowley so hard that he caused permanent hearing loss.

Prior to this incident, Manziel had been seen partying in Dallas during the NFL playoffs and it was reported earlier this week that he showed up to practice appearing to be hung over towards the end of the regular season.

“It’s just a sad turn of events right now,” Thomas added. “It’s hard to really say too much about allegations because plenty of innocent people get accused of things all the time, so you don’t really know exactly what happened and obviously I wasn’t there so I don’t have a first-hand experience to go off of. But whatever he’s dealing with, I hope that he’s able to get that under control and get things straightened out and hopefully if football’s important to him, be able to put everything he has in his life into football.”

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