Home Baseball College baseball player puts Jose Bautista's bat flip to shame

College baseball player puts Jose Bautista’s bat flip to shame


Kenneth Fudge of Texas A&M-Texarkana, was doing his best Jose Bautista impression belting two bombs before he stepped to the plate in the bottom on the ninth with the bases juiced.

Basically he should have replaced Blake Griffin in those Kia commercials, because dude was in the zone. The opposing pitcher seemed to either did not read the scouting report or just wanted to get the game over with because he piped one down the middle to the one guy that wouldn’t want to do that to that day in that situation.

And Fudge made him pay, putting one in the parking lot and tossing his bat about as far as his ball went.


Look at the ump, he knew what was up, he was pretty much on his way back to the car midpitch. Not only does Fudge have an awesome name, he’s got some flair to go along with it.

This College Bro’s Bat Flip Is So Goddamn Disrespectful You Have No Choice But To Respect It


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