Buzz Williams educates his team about the importance of the National Anthem

Virginia Tech Hokies head coach Buzz Williams taught his players a valuable lesson today about the National Anthem. Williams brought in dozens of veterans and service people to practice and gave a heartfelt speech about what the National Anthem means and how it should be respected by his players.

“When the anthem is played, we’re going to stand like grown men, and we’re going to honor men like this that gave their life […] and in the two and a half minutes that the song is played […] we’re going to stand at attention and honor of these men,” Williams told his team, “because that freedom allows us to do what we’re doing.”

He encouraged his team to honor the words and the message of the National Anthem and to present respectful body language by standing silently, left hand over their heart, right hand behind their back, when the anthem is played.

The playing of the National Anthem before all sporting events is one of the oldest traditions in sports, but recently it has been less respected and noticed.

Buzz Williams’ speech to his team is a big step in the right direction toward a return to truly honoring and respecting the National Anthem and the service people who have fought, and currently fight to protect our freedom.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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