Spotlighting Saturday’s conference champions

Championship week is winding down, and Saturday was an absolute barnburner of a day. So many teams punched their ticket to next week’s NCAA Tournament and with so many games happening at the same time, it was certainly tough to keep track of everything going on.

And all of the teams that earned their spots in the big dance did just that. Be it playing hard in a blowout or grinding away and winning when everything was coming down to the wire, every midmajor or Power 5 conference team that will be among the field of 68 has indeed earned their spot, without dumb luck being a factor.

The long and short of it is that with all of the parity in college basketball this year, each and every one of the teams headed to the big dance could have national championship potential.

That said, let’s go through all of the teams that punched their tickets on Saturday and give them their due honors!