Danuel House upset with Texas A&M fans, cites Kentucky presence

Texas A&M star player Danuel House couldn’t lead his team to an SEC Championship against ever-dangerous Kentucky in the SEC Final in Nashville yesterday, and he’s not happy with the Aggies’ fans.

In a move that can only be described as purely bone-headed, House took to Twitter and called out Texas A&M fans for not being “real” if they didn’t show up to watch Texas A&M’s first tournament game in Oklahoma City.

House went even further, saying he and his teammates “felt alone” since the crowd in Nashville was heavily in favor of Kentucky.

Of course, something of a Twitter war started, which may be seen below.

If your not in okc when we play then your not a real aggie. We need your support so come out and clear your schedule this up coming week.

— DanuelKHouseJr (@DanuelHouseJr) March 14, 2016


@shaeblaz yes it is you travel for a football game so show support and travel for a NCAA basketball

— DanuelKHouseJr (@DanuelHouseJr) March 14, 2016



@shaeblaz your not end of discussion

— DanuelKHouseJr (@DanuelHouseJr) March 14, 2016


@the_barbarion playing in all that blue today made us felt like we was alone.We was the #1 seed and felt as we was the visitors supporter.

— DanuelKHouseJr (@DanuelHouseJr) March 14, 2016


@the_barbarion they sold out the arena out full of blue. If it was a football game ppl would find a way lol do the same.

— DanuelKHouseJr (@DanuelHouseJr) March 14, 2016

Now, as with any argument, there are two sides to this. Yes, there didn’t seem to be a great deal of Aggies fans at Bridgestone Arena yesterday afternoon, but that doesn’t mean that Aggies fans aren’t “real,” as House said.

Also, consider this. Nashville is only a stone’s throw away from the Kentucky state line and four hours’ drive away from the Wildcats’ home base in Lexington. College Station, home to Texas A&M, is much farther away. Were one to drive, it would take twelve and a half hours, per Mapquest.

On top of that, though some may not want to admit it, Texas A&M’s football culture is more prevalent at the university than that of the basketball team. The Aggies have only ever gotten as far as the Sweet Sixteen, and only four times at that since the basketball program was established in 1912. Kentucky, on the other hand, has constantly been in championship contention ever since John Calipari came aboard in 2009 and has a lengthy basketball history, winning eight national championships.

Thus, if Danuel House is going to call out fans for not showing up, perhaps he should look at the bigger picture first.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports